The Greenwich Riding and Trails Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1914 to preserve, protect, and maintain open space for all nature enthusiasts in our area. Continuing in that spirit today , our association is supported by the membership and the contributions of friends who recognize the importance of open space. We are an independent, self-supporting organization that neither seeks nor obtains community funds.
The Nichols Nature Preserve, our very own 94 acre property with meadows, forests, ponds and swamps, is open to all who enjoy the old fashion country life: strolling, horseback riding, fishing, jogging, bird watching, cross country skiing and peaceful picnicking by a pond.
To help improve the plight of the HoneyBee, we maintain several hives on the property where the bees thrive on our plentiful pesticide-free wild flowers and flowering trees. We also coordinate with the Audubon, to provide suitable habitats for some of the endangered ground nesting and meadow dwelling birds.

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