The mission of the Greenwich Riding & Trails Association is to:

*encourage the preservation of open spaces and our unique rural countryside

*to maintain the 200 yr old trail system that links the open green spaces throughout Greenwich and the surrounding area and our own 94 acre nature preserve

*promote all forms of horse care and riding

This is made possible through the cooperation of our generous landowners, conservation land managers and volunteers.

Anyone interested in getting more information or in joining may call 203.661.3062 or email thegrta@thegrta.org. The mailing address is:
The GRTA, PO Box 1403, Greenwich, Ct 06830


The Greenwich Riding and Trails Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1914 to preserve, protect, and maintain open space and the many miles of trails , as well as to foster horsemanship in Greenwich CT.  This 200 yr old trail system  holds  together the mosaic of green space throughout Greenwich. We employ a full time land manager to maintain this ever precious open space that includes properties belonging to the Audubon, Greenwich Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, the Boys Scouts and the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, as well as numerous landowners who graciously allow the trails through their properties.

The Nichols Nature Preserve, our very own 94 acre land conservation property with meadows, forests, ponds and swamps, is open to all nature enthusiasts.

Continuing in that spirit today, the GRTA is supported by its membership and the contributions of friends who recognize the importance of open space. All money raised through our events is for land maintainance. The GRTA is an independent, self-supporting organization that neither seeks nor obtains community funds.

To learn more details about our long history, please read:
The GRTA Timeline, The GRTA Chairmen and Presidents , The Bolling Inscription , The Huntsman Story, and The History of the GRTA Trophies.


The GRTA organizes several annual events to help raise the monies needed to maintain Greenwich's dwindling open spaces. These events include horse shows, organized rides and social events, such as the Greenwich Barn Tour and the Hunt Ball. In addition, the GRTA coordinates activities with the Town of Greenwich, including the Planning and Zoning commission, the Inland Wetlands Commission and the Conservation Commission and works with various citizen groups and other organization which have a mutual objective of maintaining the quality of the community.


Two of our proudest associations are our affiliation with Pegasus Therapeutic Riding and the Greenwich Pony Club. Both organizations are dedicated to introducing that unique challenge and sense of individuality and accomplishment to a broad cross section of youth that can be achieved by horsemanship.
Pegasus is a therapeutic riding organization, staffed by professionals and volunteers. It has widespread recognition among educators and the medical profession for the outstanding benefits that horseback riding and horse care brings to handicapped children and adults.
The Greenwich Pony Club, affiliated with the U.S. Pony Club, “ provides a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, and the care of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence.”