The GRTA Trails

Our trails are interwoven on private property, town roads, open space and public parks. The trails on private property are for horseback riders only..... no hikers, bikers,dog walkers, etc. The significance of our dependency on private landowners is immeasurable. When you come in contact with a land owner, a pedestrian or whomever, you are representing riding and the GRTA in the eyes of that person.

We own and maintain the 94 acre Nichols Nature Preserve. The preserve is open to all nature enthusiasts for hiking, jogging, bird watching, horseback riding, fishing and cross-country skiing. It is a beautiful composite of meadows, ponds, forest and a red maple swamp.

The GRTA employs a full time Land Manager to help maintain some of the public open spaces and the 200 yr old trail system that links these green spaces throughout Greenwich.

Trail Rules:

  1. Be considerate and courteous at all times.
  2. No dogs are allowed on GRTA trails.
  3. No smoking or littering in any way.
  4. No bikes allowed on Greenwich park paths and GRTA trails.
  5. Always stay on marked GRTA trails. Landowners have given permission to ride through their property on designated trails only!! An open field is not an invitation for your DAILY GALLOP
  6. Remove manure from driveways and private roads.
  7. Observe the privacy of landowners when passing close to homes.
  8. Smile, wave, and say thank you to drivers who slow down when passing you on a road.

Stables in Fairfield and Westchester:

Back Barn Farm
Back Country Farm
Burying Hill Stables - 203.869.5492
Cedar Lodge Farms
Coker Farm
Country Lane Farm
Getner Barn
Greenwich Pony Club
Kelsey Farm
Limelight Farm
Lionshare Farm
Mead Farm
Red Barn Stables
Shannon Stables
Stratford Stables
Sunnyfield Farm

Please email us at for any inquires or reports about our trails.