The GRTA preserves, protects, and promotes open space,

historical trails and the tradition of horseback riding for our community and future generations.

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GRTA Hunter Pace Video and Photos

The Hunter Pace was a great success.

90+ riders and a lovely fall day.

The pizza was delicious.

Here's a link for the still photos

Find yourself in the new HUNTER PACE VIDEO 

created by Kate Stoupas.

The GRTA Annual Program is Now Online

We are delighted to announce that

our 2020 Annual Program is out!

For the first time, the program

is available in digital edition format.

Enjoy and let us know how you like it.

Thanks for supporting open space. 

Greenwich Food Scrap Recycling Pilot

The Greenwich food scrap recycling pilot program will launch on Monday, June 15th! 

Bring your collected food scraps to the drop-off site at Holly Hill to be composted. 


Need a starter kit?  While not required, a kit makes food scrap recycling easy!

Email or call Greenwich Green & Clean (203-531-0006) for sale locations or to arrange delivery. 

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Come enjoy our Nichols Nature Preserve, donated to the GRTA  by Herbert J. Nichols, Jr. and others as open conservation land. It is a 94-acre property with meadows, forests, ponds and swamps. Here, volunteer conservationists have ongoing projects that help some endangered insect pollinators and a variety of bird populations. This diverse and beautiful property is open to all nature enthusiasts for walking, horseback riding, fishing, jogging, bird watching, cross-country skiing and peaceful picnicking by a pond. 

We now have the Nichols Endowment Fund. Please consider contributing to the future of open space preservation. Ask your tax adviser about a stock donation or send a check. To contribute online, use the donate button below and be sure to write a note that states it’s for the Nichols Endowment Fund.

We employ a full-time land manager to help maintain the trails on properties belonging to the Audubon, Greenwich Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, the Gimbel Sanctuary,  the Boys Scouts and the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, as well as town parks such as The Byram River Gorge, Babcock Preserve and The Mianus River State Park Scenic Reserve. All these open spaces are free for all nature enthusaists to enjoy.

As a 501(c)(3) , all contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law. We are an independent, self-supporting group that neither seeks nor obtains community funds.

Give the gift of open space preservation. Become a member with a CREDIT CARD or a CHECK or give a GIFT MEMBERSHIP  to a friend. There is no wrapping and it's tax-deductible ! 


Chronicle Helmet Article

Helping Brains, One Helmet Liner At A Time


When a rider suffers a serious head injury, chatter begins ... “Well, was she wearing a helmet?”

Horsemsnship AND Learning to Ride

"Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and reintroduce horsemanship hand in hand with learning to ride."

Read what WCHR Committee Chair and USHJA board member Carl Weeden has to say about instilling horsemanship in our youth and encourage young riders you know to take on our Horsemanship Quiz Challenge!

Greenwich Sentinel - Kelsey Farm

"So, where in this town can a child bond with horses, learn to ride, share in their care, or become a part of a community, and have the joy of riding into nature. One place only, Kelsey Farm, back country, on Lake Avenue. With its now 70-year legacy, there’s heartening news. Manager Elise “Easy” Kelsey is newly full owner of Kelsey Farm. “The Kelsey Farm tradition continues!” 

Coyotes in Your Neighborhood ?

Has a coyote ever “followed” you or your dog while you’re walking in your neighborhood or in the park?

If so, you may have felt afraid, perhaps thought the coyote was stalking you, or that an attack was imminent

Learn more about coyotes in your neighborhood.

Click below and scroll down to find an article from the Saw Mill River Audubon.

Greenwich Magazine - The Silver Horse Ball

The GRTA Silver Horse Ball and silent auction was held at the Round Hill Club. 

Greenwich Sentinel Article about the GRTA

A quote from the article:

“We work so hard to preserve the backcountry,  so that people can enjoy the outdoors by taking little walks or cross country skiing, or riding, or just keeping the beauty of Greenwich open. That’s what I think we do the best,

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